Atlanta Fun! A Bubble Tea Habit

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I can't remember the first time I had bubble tea, but it was love at first tapioca ball.  Here are a couple of my Atlanta bubble tea favorite spots:

This is a local shop started with bubble tea as its inspiration. Everything from the logo to the locale at the edge of Old Fourth Ward is artfully done.  I love the vibe in this shop: The chalkboard wall with art from local artists, the locals reading and popping fat straws through the tops of milk tea!

I've been to the Midtown location.  They have the prettiest chandelier!  The pastries are sweet, savory, and all beautiful.  The drinks are pretty standard, including---the bubble tea!  

This is a local shop, and it feels like it!  The owner is there, absolutely hospitable with a big smile.  Lots of local high school kids gather here and play cards in the evenings.  Their online presence is pretty limited, but they have bubble Thai tea!  

There are so many more to try!

Bubbly. Tea-ish.  Icy.

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