Eclectic Summer Mix Tape

Monday, June 15, 2015

One of the best parts of a summer road trip is putting together a commemorative mix tape (which are much less fun when called "playlists."  Another fun thing is subjecting the fun kids in your car to your mix!  Who wants to ride with me?? :)

10.  House Party, Sam Hunt
For:  Break that boom box out.  Please tell me where to buy a boom box, and it's done.

9.  Budapest, George Ezra
For:  The woos, the fingerpickin, the creative creepy creative video.

8.  Cheerleader, OMI
For:  The brass.  The beat.  Dear God, teach me to salsa.  I know it's pop, but this song makes my hips move to the heartbeat of my imaginary life as an island girl.  Give me an orchid and dance with me.

7.  Springsteen, Eric Church
For:  um.. didn't I say this would be a summer playlist?  This song reminds me of Missouri country summers, and it's still on repeat in my head.  Well, now it's officially summer.  You said it, Eric Church.  Springsteen.  Done.

6.  Coming Home, Leon Bridges
For: Did you catch that classic Bruce Sprinsteen pic above?  Now, pair that with the warm, classic malt shop vibes of Leon Bridges, and dance with your baby around the living room--preferably about sunset.  You're welcome.

5.  The Motown Song, Rod Stewart
For:  Haha.  Are you awake again?  C'mon.  A yellow blazer with shoulder pads, but you don't have to take my word for it.  I take that back.  Do. not. watch. the. video.

4.  6 Foot, Adam and I
For: How authentically cute they are.

3.  Pa Bailar, Julieta Venegas y Bajofondo
For:  Heat, we needed it after number four, huh?

2.  Bad Blood, Taylor Swift
For:  You know you're singing along.

1.  Lean On, Major Lazer and D.J. Snake
For: Dramatic dancing around the living room... or in your car--preferably while wearing braids.  For the chipmunk autotune. Of course, also for remembering that all we really need is someone *sniff* to lean on.


Bills, Lunchmoney Lewis
Excluded For: I don't want to think about bills while jamming to a summer list

One more I love but am forgetting in this moment.


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