Running Goals: I'm Putting Them in Writing

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I grew up more of a reader than an athlete.  My books were pretty heavy, and in certain situations, you might see some extra flexibility in my wrists from flipping pages.  It is what it is.  My dad was a pitcher for his high school baseball team, but I didn't find out until high school.  We weren't the family sitting near the dugout cheering every weekend. 

This woman is not me.  She's skinnier and more determined than I am.  I needed to clear that up before continuing.

I got into running in college.  A friend of mine was in the latter stages of cancer, and I was coming to terms with some big questions, like: Who is this God?  Huh?  and Eh?  I would head out to the freezing football field at the university and run mindless, steamy-breath, mittened laps around the track.  It was healing.  I fell in love with it.

Dear running, I still love you.

But I've had a crazy 9-months.  My parents, who have been married over 30-years, are muddling through a divorce or something.  Don't ask.  Yet.  I've stepped into a new career field.

Hey running, it's time for that healing again.  Endorphins, are you there?

Here's my goal:  3-miles, 5-days a week, 3 weeks.
I think that's all I need to remember the truth:  I love running.  I can do it.  I meet my goals.

Here goes.  

Sweat.  Sweat.  Sweet.

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