Best Chicken Marinade

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

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Best Chicken Marinade | Spiedie Sauce | Betwain This is not an ad. When you can find it, Spiedie will change your ever grillin' life!

Check out the story of 16 year-old hustler Rob Salamida! One kid, a bunch of tasty sandwiches, and a bunch of years later, and this New York-born marinade is popular all over--especially on my grill! In celebration of Spiedie, enjoy.

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Yep. I Saved That.

Monday, May 16, 2016

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I haven't been a gaming wild child since the days of the Oregon Trail. Nineties kids, remember that classic? Carmen San Diego, anyone? Every once in a while, though, a certain game snags me. Here are a few moments that got embarrassing.

1. When I saved my Sims Free Play wedding like it was a pivitol episode on a daytime drama. So, here's Toby and Charlotte's *finally* wedding at the park.

2. And that time I went on a classic Mario Bros binge and trapped baby Luigi in a brick cave. Sorry, Luigi.

3. And that time I was so proud of my Candy Crush score that I saved the proof. Dugip is #1.

Real life. Real game. Game life.

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Georgia Flowering Bush with Blue and White Flowers--What is it?

Sunday, May 15, 2016

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It's almost to the point that something is always in bloom in my yard! Hooray! Here's the latest bloomer:

 I have no idea what this flower is! Anyone? It's a big bush with tall stalks and big, dark-green leaves. It looks almost like a hydrangea.

Love. Blooms. Blue.

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