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Thursday, January 19, 2017

I was digging through my Dropbox the other day and noticed I have a huge collection of cloud photos.


It's the light that backlights a fluffy, cottony cumulus collections. Especially at sunset, it's so beautiful. Maybe it's the way the whiteness of the clouds gives your eye a break so that when you look at the sky again, you appreciate it more (like coffee beans in Bath & Body Works). Maybe it's the contrast of the pudgy, slow moving, crowded clouds to the stunning, unapproachable light. Whatever it is, I love them-- or at least I have a million pictures of them. Here are a few.

Officer, traffic was definitely stopped in Atlanta when I took out my phone to grab this shot.

Auntie Em? So Smoky ... but they're clouds.

Windswept gray-blue parking lot sunset

That time my niece and I took "Flat Nana" on our adventure with us, so Nana could be a part of the fun.

Is there a better pairing anywhere than hammocks and clouds?

Washington D.C. summer clouds

Hello, pretty, mingling clouds.

Batting and feathers

I guess cloudy days aren't so bad. Time for some better PR, clouds. 

Perspective. Stratosphere. Atmosphere. 

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