Goodwill Finds and Kroger WINS

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I love the gamble of walking in a Goodwill. You walk in with a $15 budget, and you might walk out with real treasure. Sunday, the "color" changes, so it's the best day to go.

 For those of you uninitiated in Goodwillery, each item is tagged with a color according to when it arrives in the store. Each week, you can find a sign at the front of the store that identifies which color of item is HALF OFF. Sometimes, Goodwill doesn't offer real deals--a Target t-shirt that was originally on clearance for $5 is now $5.45?? BUT, if you play it right, you can find deals.

 My favorite steals this week are from Kroger's holiday clearance and Goodwill.

quilting supplies: quilting rulers originally $36 = $5.96
vintage patterns now about $20 full price: $1.01
self-healing cutting mat: $2.95

PB midcentury tree topper: $1.01

Kroger's bag WITH tissue paper: $.15 each. I am SO ready for next Christmas!

I hope you're finding great deals out there! Dig. Deal. Discount.

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