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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Football is speeding toward the big showdown, and in Atlanta, the lovers and haters banter about the evolution of the Falcons, including the impact of Dan Quinn and his pro relationship with Matt Ryan. And what happened to Mike Smith, anyway?

No one can deny the power of a sabbatical. Rest is biologically, emotionally, and spiritually restorative.

The impact of pros taking time off, by choice or not, is that we get to enjoy guest hosts!

Unfortunately, I'm a football-watcher-in-training, and sometimes (ehem...every time), I'll sneak away from a game to see what's happening on my podcasts. I'm a podcast nerd.

Here are a few guest hosting moments that have caught my attention.

Tom Hanks for Peter Sagal on Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me

The other comedians on the episode call Hanks "America's Sweetheart," and I think this description hits the mark. More so than perhaps any actor or actress, "Hanx" has navigated the personal and professional media over decades to maintain his position as an actor many would love to be friends with. Hanks has so much energy in this episode and brings a fresh angle to the commentary.

Guest Host Paul Gilmartin on Pop Rocket Episode 45

Usually a pop culture quartet then including Guy Branum and panelists Wynter Mitchell, Oliver Wang, and journalist Margaret Wappler, in this episode, Gilmartin comes in for Wang and gives bright insight about "Gimme Shelter," the Rolling Stones hit. Just listen. If you're a Stones fan, you'll be glad you did.

Shannon Carson on Glynn Washington's Snap Judgment

Telling an engaging story isn't easy, but Glynn Washington always manages to take the minutia of everyday life as well as the sensational stories of individuals across the globe and turn them into a collection of edge-of-your-seat tales. At first, when I hit "play" on this episode, I was skeptical because I like the usual Snap Judgment so much. Shannon Carson, in a confiding tone, delivers. If you're looking for a new podcast to try or you just need something to chill you out as you navigate city traffic somewhere, don't miss Snap Judgment.

Taking a break can keep everything fresh! I hope you find time to take a break today.

10-min. Substitute. Sabbatical. 

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