Style on a Teacher's Budget?

Monday, January 23, 2017

It's tricky to feel like you're keeping up with fashion when your style budget is $35 per month. There are several style bloggers that make budget style easier.

Allij created the popular Polyvore series "Teacher Outfits on a Teacher's Budget." She hasn't posted in a few months, but her outfits are cute and super affordable. She sources from shops like 

But then, she also includes clearance items from shops like

Though some of Alli's picks don't last two seasons, I love her sense of style and sense of humor.

J's Everyday

I love those tassel earrings! J, a former marketing pro, posts a new outfit every day and archives old outfits. She posts sources, prices, and variations on her themes--which she often grabs from runway style or celebrities. The "How To" section of her site includes lots of great tips like how to layer necklaces and how to dress for a wedding.

I love her pics with her sweet, fluffy pups! It's fun to see  how she styles them, too! Cate posts from California. I love her breezy style and coaching tone. Yes, I *will* invest in a few pairs of boots! :) Thanks for all the tips.

Now, to grade some papers.

Love. Boots. Fashion.

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