What's for Dinner?

Monday, January 16, 2017

One of the best habits I've started over the last two years is meal planning. How many of you buy a regular "pantry" of ingredients and then pick each night from whatever happens to be in the pantry? That's the way I used to do it--with several trips to the grocery store during the week as special meal inspirations hit me.


The Crock Pot and lists like this have changed my life. Maybe this new method or shopping list will help someone else out there!

 We make lunches and have simple turkey sandwiches and generally use a bag of frozen veggies as a side for each evening. Let me know if you try this plan!

 Meals this week include comfort favorites: lasagna, breakfast for dinner, and a version of Mom's chicken and dumplings with the fluffy, homemade dumplings, not the flat, can-of-biscuits variety. Here's a printable grocery shopping list.

Love. Prep. Preparedness. Prepping. Mise en Place.

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