The Flight Attendant

Monday, February 8, 2021

The Flight Attendant by Chris Bohjalian

Published by Doubleday Books, March 13, 2018

Genre: Thriller

Format: I audiobooked this one via Libby

A flight attendant wakes up in a hotel room -- in bed next to a dead man. She didn't kill him--or did she? Chapters alternate POV between Cassie Bowden, the flight attendant, and Elena aka "Miranda"-- a Russian operative who visited the hotel room for drinks the night of the murder.

The dazzling locales: Dubai, Rome, New York City, could add more interest, but the most detailed descriptions are of hotel rooms, underlining the reality of Cassie's day-to-day.

Some reviews I've read have noted the parallels and contrasts between Elena's and Cassie's voices. Elena is a "bad guy" who has a nefarious job, but ultimately speaks the truth and tries to do what's right. Cassie is a "good guy" who sabotages her life and lies to herself.

I enjoyed Cassie's transparency as she processed her struggle with alcoholism. I liked the Russian culture tidbits sprinkled throughout. 

HBO released the screenplay series in November of 2020. I haven't seen it yet. They list it as a comedy-drama. I'm curious how they've worked comedy into the story.


She knew what happened to anyone who pissed off this clandestine old guard.


I enjoyed this one, but the twists seemed pretty regular. Don't trust anyone. 

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