My First Tony Robbins Experience: Unshakeable

Thursday, April 1, 2021



Unshakeable: Your Guide to Finacial Freedom by Tony Robbins

Published by Simon & Schuster, January 1, 2017

Genre: Nonfiction

Format: I audiobooked this one via Libby

I'd heard of Tony Robbins before reading this book, but I didn't know much except that he is a motivational speaker.

Because I audiobooked this one, I heard Tony's narration for the first and last chapters. The gravel in his voice was almost off-putting before I picked up on his complete earnestness to communicate information he thinks can give readers freedom in their lives.

I got the feeling reading this book that it serves as a synopsis---even an ad?-- for his more comprehensive book, Money, Master the Game, but I didn't even mind. Robbins wrote Money, Master the Game after a money documentary made him wonder if there was any hope for the everyman to earn wealth. He interviewed 50 key thought leaders in finance, including Ray Dalio (Google him and check out the books he has written) and Mary Callahan Erdoes to dig into what helped them achieve results and turn the financial steps into a blueprint someone might implement on a smaller scale.

What makes all the advice even better is that Tony grew up in poverty and has amassed about $600 million. His goal in having all this money? To have freedom in his life and to give money away. 

The four tips that I remember best from this book are 1) Avoid loss, 2) Aim for low risk and high reward investments, 3) Check emotions, 4) Opt for index over mutual funds and examine fees carefully. Over decades, a 1% fee from an investment broker can reduce your nest egg hundreds of thousands of dollars.


"The lesson: never underestimate the awesome power of disciplined saving combined with long-term compounding."


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